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‘ynygordna’: raising awareness of the third gender pronoun

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Today is publication day for my poetry collection ‘ynygordna’ (which spells androgyny backwards) with V. Press Poetry. Throughout ‘ynygordna’ I have used a third gender pronoun ‘ve/ver’ to raise awareness about the fluidity of gender and why it is so important to use the right pronouns for certain people. In celebration of publication day for this collection, I have decided to dedicate today’s blog post to third gender pronouns and their importance.

my collection, ‘ynygordna’ (V. Press, 2020)

When it comes to pronouns, most of us don’t think about which one we use in great depth. It’s the case for the majority of us that our biological sex has determined our pronouns from birth and they’ve never changed. It is important, though, that we understand how valid the third gender pronoun is. Many people who identify as trans, non-binary and androgynous rely heavily on people using the right gender pronouns for them to avoid being misgendered.

How do I avoid offending people? I hear you shout, well I’m glad you asked. Although it’s not in our normal conversation, try to ask them what pronouns they prefer. You’ll be surprised how many people now deem this a necessary part of conversation, because it absolutely is. Gender and Sex are two different things, and that is quickly becoming a well-known fact that needs to be incorporated into everyday life. It is important you make sure that you don’t misgender anyone. Misgendering can come with a whole load of gender-related trauma that you may not understand but can be horrible and detrimental to a person’s mental health. You may find that a lot of people are fairly open with their gender identity; for example, many people wear badges or some visual method of identification with their gender pronouns on it to give people a heads up without them having to ask. Many people may not be so open, though, so it is your responsibility in this situation to make them feel as comfortable as possible when you identify them.

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The inspiration for using a third gender pronoun throughout ‘ynygordna’ was primarily through my partner, Taylor. They identify as non-binary, which means that the issue is close to my heart. I wanted to make sure that people understood how many options there are for third gender pronouns and how easy it is to make sure everyone you meet is comfortably identified. Here is a short snippet from one of my poems titled ‘alternative flower press’:

“I want to show ver the many faces

of Aphrodite on my tongue

mornings with ver are for

skin conversations”

(ynygordna, p.18, V. Press, 2020)

The wonderful thing I found about using the third gender pronoun in my collection was how easily it slotted into everything I wanted to say. The sound of the word was close enough to binary pronouns such as ‘her’ and ‘their’ that it didn’t even need explaining once people start reading. The sound of the ‘v’ was almost softer and more suited for poetic use, which I think is beautiful. The whole collection is dedicated to the portrayal of queer sex, relationships and the many incredibly taboo faces of gender identity waiting to uncovered for the world to see. It’s so important we talk about this as a community.

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